Can Cockatoo Eat Chicken? [Is it Safe for Cockatoos]

As a cockatoo owner, ensuring your pet bird has a well-rounded diet is essential for overall health and well-being. You may have asked yourself, “Can cockatoo eat chicken?”. While their typical diet includes seeds, fruits, and vegetables, the inclusion of meat or chicken may raise a few questions. The short answer is yes, cockatoos can … Read more

Can A Cockatoo Have Dandelion Greens? A Nutritional Guide for Your Friend

Cockatoos, like any other pet, require a balanced diet to maintain their health and happiness. And when it comes to a cockatoo’s diet, variety is essential to ensure they’re getting all the necessary nutrients. One question that commonly arises among pet bird enthusiasts is whether or not cockatoos can have dandelion greens. Let’s explore this … Read more

Are Sunflower Seeds Bad for Cockatoos?

Are Sunflower Seeds Bad for Cockatoos?

As a cockatoo owner, it is essential to know what foods are safe for your bird and which ones are not. One such food item that is widely debated in the bird-owning community is sunflower seeds. Some people claim that sunflower seeds are terrible for cockatoos, while others argue that they are a healthy and … Read more